Our story


We carry over 750 different perfume and essential oils.  None of our perfume oils contain alcohol or misleading fillers. They contain only the oils that underlie your  favorite fragrances.  We duplicate almost all the famous brands from Creed to Tom Ford to Jo Malone. We also make our own house blend pure perfumes.


Using modern techniques (such as gas chromatography) it is possible to exactly match any fragrance with the same or better oils. 


Many of our customers tell us that our versions smell better than the originals. Customers also enjoy modifying a favorite fragrance to create their own scent. Perhaps the lack of alcohol and, in some cases, higher quality oils make all the difference.


Ounce for ounce, our perfume bottles contain up to twenty times as much pure perfume oils as the typical Eau de Toilette, but choosing pure perfume oils is not so much a question of money, as a statement of value.

With our perfumes and essential oils, you'll feel and smell great!

Lee and Rhonda Rasmussen established the shop and successfully ran the business in the Laguna Beach location for 18 years.  When they retired, James Conti assumed ownership and the shop continues to run successfully.


Located in the Award winning "Panno Plaza" is across the street from Wyland Galleries on South Coast Highway.  Parking garage behind the shop and convenient to shopping in Laguna Beach.



Pure Perfume is made up of 100% fragrance oil that contains no alcohol or fillers. Our Pure Perfume products off an all natural way to enjoy beautiful fragrances without any of the negatives. 

What is Wrong with Alcohol Anyhow?

1st- Alcohol is a drying agent used by industries all over the world as an additive to make things evaporate more quickly.  Unfortunately, as it evaporates, it dries your skin.  All oils dissolve in alcohol including your own natural skin and hair oils. As the alcohol dries, it removes the fragrance and your body's natural oils along with it.


2nd- It is not very good for you.  Perfume fillers use ethyl alcohol. Your body considers ethyl alcohol to be a poison and many people who believe they are allergic to perfume are actually allergic to the alcohol in the perfume. Try ours and feel the difference. 


3rd -It tends to kill off some of the nicest notes in many fragrances.  In their pure form, our aromas are truly delicious.




Pure Perfume oils will last on your person and on your dressing table as well.  Pure oils last 6 to 12 hours on most people, depending upon skin type, evaporating naturally during  the course of the day or evening.   More Importantly; pure perfume oils will also last in the bottle.  Many people are not aware that perfumes with fillers spoil!  Industry experts say 6 to 18 months is the usual 'shelf life' of a perfume, depending on the components and their quality.  However, 'Pure Oils’ retain their fragrance year after year.