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Fusing Scents and Stories for Unique Brand Synergy.

Embark on a tailored journey to elevate your brand with our exclusive Private Label Fragrance Creation Session at The Fragrance Boutique. This personalized experience is designed for entrepreneurs and business owners looking to craft a signature scent uniquely tailored to enhance their products.


During your experience,  you'll engage in a comprehensive consultation with our expert perfumer, focused on understanding the essence of your brand, target audience, and product line. Explore fragrance notes that align seamlessly with your business identity. Your perfumer will delve into your inspirations for your distinct scent. Under the expert guidance, you'll explore a range of fragrance notes, meticulously blending until we've captured the essence of your vision. Customized pricing available based on specific business needs.


Booking Details:

Appointment Fee: $400.

Duration: Initial Appointment 1.5 hours.

Initial appointment includes 2, 10ml custom fragrances.

Follow up appointment: Features a complimentary follow-up 1 hour appointment to fine-tune and adjust both

fragrances after the initial consultation. Two additional 5ml blends of the adjusted fragrance are included in this follow-up appointment. For appointments where adjustments are unnecessary, we'll gladly prepare 2, 5ml fragrances for you to collect at your convenience.

Private label appointments are subject to availability and scheduled Monday through Friday.

When reserving your appointment, please select Private Label Fragrance Creation Session.

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