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Enriching Your Corporate Experience with Scent and Sophistication.

Elevate your corporate gatherings with the distinctive touch of our fragrant space. Our boutique is equipped for large-scale corporate events and brings the essence of Laguna Beach to your chosen venue. Explore how we can infuse your professional gatherings with a sensory journey, providing a memorable and unique experience for your team or clients. We accommodate various corporate events, such as team-building activities, national sales meetings, holiday parties, product launches, training seminars, and executive retreats. 


Discover how we can customize an olfactory experience for your corporate event.

At The Fragrance Boutique, we specialize in enhancing your corporate off-site events with the essence of Laguna Beach. Equipped to accommodate groups of any size, our boutique seamlessly brings a fragrant experience directly to your chosen venue. We excel in infusing professional gatherings with a sensory journey, ensuring a memorable and unique experience for your team or clients. From team-building activities and national sales meetings to holiday parties, product launches, training seminars, and executive retreats, we cater to a diverse range of corporate event needs.

Explore our custom olfactory experiences designed specifically for your corporate off-site event.

Our offerings include:

  • Guidance by Perfume Experts: Our skilled perfumers provide personalized fragrance creation guidance for your guests.

  • Custom Consultations: Each participant's preferences and inspirations shape the creation of their unique signature scent.

  • Engaging Fragrance Exploration: Collaborate in an interactive session exploring an array of fragrance notes to capture individual visions. All participants will receive their custom fragrance(s) in a retail bag along with additional information about their unique scent.

  • We Come to You! Located in the heart of Laguna Beach, our expert team is fully prepared and equipped to travel to various locations, including Irvine, Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, San Clemente, San Diego, Los Angeles, and beyond.

Customization of Your Event

At The Fragrance Boutique, all vessels, lids and labels can be tailored and special ordered for your event. We recommend scheduling a complimentary appointment with our team to personally experience the fragrance process and review various vessel and size options. "Our in-house design team is adept at fulfilling a wide array of design requests and is excited to craft a distinctive and unforgettable experience tailored specifically for your event.

Schedule Your Exclusive Custom Fragrance Event Today

Host a remarkable event tailored to your corporate needs with The Fragrance Boutique. Contact us via our private event request form to plan your exclusive fragrance experience, infusing elegance and luxury into your corporate gathering.

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Whether your company is located in located Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, Irvine, Costa Mesa, or neighboring areas within Orange County—including Mission Viejo, Aliso Viejo, and Dana Point—or hail from San Diego or Los Angeles, indulge in an exclusive corporate event at The Fragrance Boutique. Let our bespoke fragrance experiences add a unique and memorable touch to your event.

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